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Wire fraud and email hacking/phishing attacks are on the increase! If you have an escrow or closing transaction with us and you receive an email containing Wire Transfer Instructions, DO NOT RESPOND TO THE EMAIL! Instead, call your escrow officer/closer immediately, using previously known contact information and NOT information provided in the email, to verify the information prior to sending funds.


Kristen Robinson

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Kristen Robinson
Jr. Escrow Officer

Kristen Robinson started at Monarch Title of Texas in 2019 as the Sales and Marketing Representative, but recently became an Escrow Assistant on Sarah Wheat’s team. She comes with 3 years of title experience in the sales and marketing role and now new experience in the escrow processing role. Prior to title insurance, Kristen spent time in the life insurance industry as an Independent Agent. She also received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Houston. She uses her knowledge and experience to help serve her clients as a resource and provide excellent customer service. 

Kristen currently resides in Katy South with her husband and two children; Shaun and Sade. Shaun is in the eighth grade and Sade is in the seventh grade. She loves to spend her free time with her family, at the park with her four year old pug and relaxing by the pool. 

Kristen is invested in the success of her clients and wants to be a problem solver and help them achieve their goals of success.